ANSAR COMPLEX – Pickering Mixed Development Project

Ansar Complex, a project by Ansar Financial Group, headed by Ansar Medical Services Inc. will include two condominium buildings, a seniors’ residence building. All three buildings will strive for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

Ansar Complex will be built over a total area of over 8 acres of land on Brock Road in Pickering, overlooking the scenic Duffins Creek. After receiving successful zoning approval in 2011, application for Site Plan approval for Ansar Complex was submitted and is in its final stage of approval. It is anticipated that construction will begin in spring 2017.

Further details on this project will be made available as soon as a building permit is issued

Alberta Lands

Currently Ansar Finaancial Group owns a numnber of lands that can be developed and sold or can be sold as is, once appriciated

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